Me in the middle.

Last weekend I participated in a health & consciousness workshop given by the lovely Dr. Namita Aggarwal. It was pure & definitely the way to spend my weekend hours.  A lot of things happened during this weekend. A bunch of strangers became open, comfortable and honest in their mind & attitude. Things you wouldn’t share with the rest of the world were said & done within these four walls. Precious & vulnerable – as life should be.

Honesty, power & pure essentials merged, and made me do this: (and because otherwise my mind wouldn’t stop processing) I wrote a poem, for each and every one I met during the workshop.

From this day on I’d like to make a vow
To put myself in the center of all things while living in the now

To stay focused on my strength and to remain pure
Even though when there’s a problem I cannot cure

Although my role will change, my mind will be set
From love – to marriage – to children – as long as I remember I shall not forget 

To put myself in the center 
So that my love will matter
To all that will receive,
And to truly believe

That I will be the best I can possibly be, 
So i can see the world as it’s meant to be:

A world where I can put my power in place,  
To experience everyday with arms wide open – to share with others: the life I embrace.